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Conquer the 7 Seas!

Conquer the 7 Seas!

Posted on 2009-10-28 14:18:58 by Pan
Pirates Glory has been officially released today, October 28th 2009.

The game has been in Alpha first and then in Beta for almost a year now. The hard work seemed to pay off as the developers were able to release the first 0.1 Version.

A represantive of the developer team, told that the game has still some features under development and they will keep working on the title for the time to come.

Right now, a player can do the following things in the game:
-Travel between 21 ports in a unique map.
-Trade up to 7 different materials in an active trade enviroment where prices change based on produce and demand.
-Gain gold and fame. Become the most notorious pirate.
-Build up to 18 different ship types, based on real data on how ships used to be in the age of Pirates.
-Upgrade each ship, raise levels, hire crew, buy cannons and choose among 6 attributes to improve.
-Create Trade routes
-Attack your enemies and plunder their gold and cargo. Sink their ships or grab them for your own use.
-Forge alliances with other pirates.
-Choose your nationality and carry the word of your country.
-If you lose everything, you can still start your way up afresh by working as a porter.

Features Under Development:
-Treasure Hunt
-Unique Items with special abilities
-Governors daughter conquest
-Country Missions

Join the fight now at
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