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Pirates Glory
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Pirates Glory description
Take up the role of a pirate or a merchant in the age of gunpowder. Build ships, travel between ports, trade resources and plunder other ships!

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Posted at 2015-03-31 00:03:40 By Pan
Rating: 10
Rating it as a browser game, I give it a 10 as it excels in its genre.

Simply put, if you want to play a pirate browser game, then this should be your top option.

Posted at 2011-02-18 12:13:24 By Deleted User
Rating: 10
The BEST Pirate browser game!

It is tough to master it but the developers write it shamelessly in their first page: FREE BROWSER PIRATE GAME FOR INTELLIGENT PEOPLE

A quick review:
-22 different ships to build and manage.
-Over 15 attributes per ship to adjust.
-Create fleets with up to 5 ships.
-Map with 21 ports.
-Unique nation system; change nationalities, become a pirate, your nation strength depends on you.
-Hire or fire crew, buy cannons for your ships.
-7 resources to buy, loot and trade.
-Unique prices on ports based on supply/demand.
-Realistic resource amounts relative to game world.
-Nation influenced ports. Expand your own influence in each port.
-Voodoo Curse system inspired from Magic the Gathering card system.
-Plunder other fleets/ships.
-Hostility system; Nations put bountys on you based on your history against them.
-Attack treasure fleets, deal with pirate hunters, battle against other strong players and more.
-Gossip system via the Tavern that inform you of recent port activity.
-Integrated forums.
-Romance system with governor's daughter of each port.
-Create your own alliances and cooperate against fearsome pirates.
-Treasure hunt
-User specialties/skills
-User special items
-ASCII supported profiles.
-And many more...

Short Description:
-You start with a small vessel and set start to conquer the 7 Seas. The pirate with the most Fame at the end of the game wins.

Game has 2 servers. One of them resets every 1 year and the other one is permanent.

Pirates Glory uses a unique hybrid system that combines energy spending (turns) and real time system. You could call it a turn-based and real time strategy.

Player interaction is heavy and your progress is highly affected by other players.

The BEST Pirate browser game.

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