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Base Zodiac Review

Rating: 9Posted on 2008-09-12 15:28:03 by Deleted User

Base Zodiac, launched in July 2008, is a brand new online browser-based space game. It is completely free and if you like OGame, you'll love Base Zodiac. Why? First of all, Base Zodiac has all the features of the OGame Commander for free!

You can also get 15 officers for free. Some of these include the Destroyer (Builds 2 RIPS instead of 1), the Emperor (Unlocks the Super Nova Ship).
The aim of the game is to become The Master of The Universe.

You do this by developing your Empire, building up your mines, ships, defenses and working with allies. You can set up an alliance which has many benefits, one of them being that they will provide you with resources, ships etc

Base Zodiac is much better than OGame in my opinion, why should I pay for something on OGame when I can get it for free on Base Zodiac? And there is a great community at Base Zodiac, great forums too! Highly Recommended.

Anyway, hope my review helps!
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