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News Posted
-Fermi's Path goes into Closed Beta
-Fermi's voyage through the subatomic
-QR: Champions - Trading Cards & more
-Official Release of QR: Champions
-New Video of Quantum Rush: Champions
-Quantum Rush: Champions now on Steam
-QR Champions soon in Steam Early Acc
-Quantum Rush: New Track!
-Quantum Rush: New Video Tunnel Track
-Quantum Rush Mega Update
-Quantum Rush Online now on Steam!
-Quantum Rush: A New Video!
-Quantum Rush: Champions
-News Game: "Quantum Rush: Champions"
-Quantum Rush: greenlit on Steam!
-Rapid developments in Quantum Rush
-Quantum Rush launches on Steam Green
-Quantum Rush goes beta!
-Quantum Rush Racing event on 21/3/14
-Quantum Rush mega update!
-Holy War - 4th international world
-New track for online racer Quantum R
-Big battle update in Holy War with c
-Official closed beta start in Quantu
-Quantum Rush – Race in Space!
-Quantum Rush goes alpha!
-See you soon in Quantum Rush
-Quantum Rush – Press event and train
-QR:The racer as the sum of its parts
-Mounted Weapons of Quantum Rush
-Holy War – The city battles are comi
-GameArt Studio launches Kickstarter
-The players of Tagoria have decided!
-Tagoria - Every voice counts
-Traditional summer ticket promotion!
-Update for A.I. War – Mine Battles f
-New international world in Tagoria &
-Tagoria celebrates its 5th birthday
-The players have decided: No new reg
-Glory Wars: Recruiting Contest!
-New order feature in Holy War online
-First “goldworld” online in fantasy
-Holy War – cross-world orders !
-Great order survey in Holy War!
-Big Easter ticket promotion
-Big New Years Eve ticket promotion a
-3rd International World opened in me
-More winter promotions at GameArt St
-Winter in Holy War and Tagoria
-Recruitment Contest in Medieval Brow
-Tagoria-2nd International World open
-Super Summer Ticket Promotion!
-Tacticians wanted! PvE missions in A
-Glory Wars & A.I. War Contest !
-Hordes of Rowdy Robots NPCs of A.I
-A.I. Invasion Graphics
-Holy War: Deletion of Inactive Accounts
-Second International World in Medieval Web Game Holy War Now Open!
-Spring Fan Art Contest in Glory Wars
-Spring Fan Art Contest in Science Fiction Game A.I. War
-Fan Art Contest in Holy War
-May recruiting competition in Tagoria
-A.I. Invasion – Survival is everything
-Glory Wars:New multilingual world
-Holy War: The Shoutbox Quiz!
-A. I. Invasion Alpha launched
-New Multilingual World in Web Game “Tagoria” Now Open!
-New Year Ticket Promotion from GameArt Studio
-New Year Ticket Promotion from GameArt Studio

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