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Holy War: Deletion of Inactive Accounts

Holy War: Deletion of Inactive Accounts

Posted on 2012-05-21 14:34:23 by gameartstudio
Berlin-based web game developers GameArt Studio have today announced that the promised merging of game worlds in their medieval web game Holy War is coming along in leaps and bounds.

The GameArt Studio team would also like to let all Holy War players know that a proportion of the inactive accounts will be deleted before this update is carried out.

GameArt Studio would like to use this upcoming update as an opportunity to delete accounts which have been inactive for a long time. The affected accounts will be those which have not been logged into for over 30 days and have never purchased a ticket.

This update should benefit all active players, since the deletion of inactive accounts will make the overall gaming experience fairer and more manageable.

The deletion will be completed in the next couple of weeks - once this is done, the world merge, which until now has been hotly debated in the forum, will be our top priority.

GameArt Studio will inform players of the exact date of the world merge and other essential details (e.g. which features will be shared by merged worlds, exactly which worlds will be merged, and exactly when it will take place) well in advance either via our newsletter, in-game mail, the Holy War facebook page or the Holy War forum.


About GameArt Studio:
GameArt Studio GmbH was founded in 2006 in Berlin and rapidly grew to become one of the most innovative developers and producers of so-called web games. Web games are computer games through which real players can play with and against each other over the inte
et. They can be played for free on any inte
et browser, with no software installation or downloads required. With their four games „Holy War“, „Tagoria“, „A.I. War“ und „Glory Wars“, GameArt Studio already entertain over 5 million players worldwide.

Contact und further Information:
GameArt Studio GmbH
Bismarckstraße 107
10625 Berlin, Germany
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