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Imperial Takeover

Imperial Takeover Review

Rating: 10Posted on 2008-10-23 22:08:25 by Deleted User

In my youth, I remember spending many nights playing Risk with my friends. We would casually start a game at 8 at night, and would end up going home at 4 in the morning. Usually, our friendships would suffer for the next few days, as our pecking order was being determined by a board game.

As we grew older, our board game nights became less frequent, and eventually non-existent.

Imperial Takeover is a terrific replacement for my old board game days, and a great place to play risk online. It is a turn based site which means that I can take my turns any time during the day that I'd like. I can participate in multiple games at the same time, and choose from a bunch of different user generated regions and game boards.

I highly recommend this site, and give a thumbs up to its friendly international player base.
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