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Learn about 3

Posted on 2011-12-16 05:35:27 by gamecyber
Hello football managers, I think that most of you are already know how to arrange the tactic and strategy for your team, and have already show some of your talent of the football manager to the other managers. But do you know that there are some other way to strength up your team instead of just arrange tactic and buy the football players? Today we will introduce two other ways to strength your football team!

• Football style of the manager --- Talent Tree

After you have meet to level 10 and choose your career, you may get 1 talent point for each leveling up. You need to spend the points to the talent tree, which is the skill of manager, and may affect and help your team to follow your football style.

The talents can be classifying to three kinds of styles --- Aggressive, Balanced and Defensive, find out a good style for your football team would be a big help to road to victories.

• Wills of the perfect partners --- Players Will

You may notice that some of the players may have a little skill name in their data file, but you won't know what is it --- it is will be used in the Players Will.

In Players Will you may find many kind of skill with the buff to the football team, to active them we need to find out the football players who've got the required skill and makes a skill combo for it. The skills are very strong and helpful for your football team, so it is recommend you to find out the combo and the related players for it as fast as you can.

So do you understand how to strength your football team and be a better manager now? Please keep in notice for the news of <<Soccer Viva>>, we will introduce more secret game feature and the events in the future!

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