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Omerta 3 new round!

Omerta 3 new round!

Posted on 2011-02-23 12:40:25 by Pan
Calling all Omerta Gangsters!

The inteational version of Omerta
(.COM) resets next Friday, February 25,
at 12.00 OT (noon) to version 3.2!

3.2 is packed with the new features you
asked for and tweaks to some of the
existing stuff.

Here are the main changes:

* Flexible family system
* Removal of the expensive
protection items: C4, Walls and Panic
* Better Raid payouts
* Lackeys (who do crimes for you
while you sleep!)
* Excessive online timers (you can
rank for 34 hours per 48 hours)
* Reduced hospital time to 5 minutes
or when restored to 100% health again,
which comes first
* You’ll only go to hospital when
you lost health after being attacked
* CD rank is removed for capo’s,
only one that can become CD is the don
* Rob and Mia will retire
* Max rank for bruglione is 300%
* Better heist payouts
* And the wonderful Reset-o-meter

Come and see for yourself - and don't
forget you don't need to register again
if you already have a registration. Just
make a new player once you log in!

Join in the fun at

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